Upgrading Your Family Home

There can be a lot of reasons you might want to move into a larger space. 


Here are four signs it’s time to upsize: 

          1. Growth: your family is growing, perhaps with children, pets or other family members coming to stay, and you need more space for everyone. Or maybe your children are growing up and they need more space. 
          2. Space: you need more storage space and room for your things. If you’re having a hard time keeping things organised, it might be time to increase your storage space.  
          3. Lifestyle: perhaps you want to entertain more, want more space for a pet, or want space for a pool or garden.  
          4. Change: renovations are not an option. Perhaps there is no room to expand or make changes to your current space.  

If you are looking at upsizing, speak to one of our SWB brokers today. They can start by helping you work out if upsizing is an option for you, and determine what your borrowing power is. Since cash flow is an important factor, an SWB broker will go through your budget to ensure upsizing your home is an affordable option in the long term.