What we do

Our aim is to help our clients invest more intelligently in property to build long-term
wealth and financial independence. We do this primarily by providing clients with

information and assistance to help improve their property knowledge and choices. It

doesn’t matter if they are a first time property investor, or an experienced property

investor building a growing property portfolio.

SW Capital is here to assist clients at every stage of the investing process, whether its

connecting them to one of our trusted referral partners, a buyer’s agent, financial

adviser, accountant or solicitor, or securing your SMSF investment loan, we guide you

as you embark on this journey to financial independence and security.

Key Indicators

It’s important to consider the following key indicators when looking into property

Consider the population growth and demographic of the area you would like to
invest in.

Look into any infrastructure and developments in the area, both current and

Evaluate the current and projected state of the economy.
Assess what kind of rental yields you should expect from that type of property in
that area.

Evaluate future property supply and demand.
Determine if the investment is affordable and reasonable to sustain.

Client Process

If you select our Pro Pack option, we will walk you through the property investment

process from start to finish and beyond.

Our team of affiliated specialists will meet with you to walk you through the process

and start collecting information about your situation, and your financial objectives.

From there our team will help you:

      • Understand property market fundamentals
      • Understand investing in property with SMSF
      • Organise financial approval
      • Conduct property market research
      • Overseas the settlement of your property
      • And provide ongoing property investment plan check-ins

SW Capital Pro Pack

Our team will take care of everything for you. The SW Capital Pro Pack offers clients
access to:

      • a Buyer’s Agent to help you find the right investment property
      • a Financial Specialists through SW Brokerage to secure a loan for your property
      • an Accountant to help you account for your investment and the tax implications
      • a Financial Planner to advise and support you in this process and set up your SMSF
      • a Solicitor to oversee the legal aspects of your purchase.

You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing you’re in trusted hands.

SW Capital DIY pack

If the SW Capital Pro Pack isn’t the right fit for you, SW Capital also offers its DIY Pack
which provides you with:

    • A step-by-step to-do list that will ensure that you know:
      • What to expect from the process
      • What you will need to do to set this investment up on your own,
      • and where to go to get support throughout the process should you need it.
    • SW Brokerage Home Loan specialist to assist with securing a loan for the investment
    • A list of professionals, whom we have hand-picked for their experience and
      professionalism, whom we know our clients can trust, and who will help you along

      the way.
      • accountant
      • financial Planner
      • solicitor

The DIY Pack gives you control over the process and access to our recommended
professionals along the way, should you need to engage them for their services.