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Image of house and lady using a calculator

Looking to refinance? Here are some important considerations

In 2020, 40% of the home loan applications we completed here at SW Brokerage were refinancing applications where we moved clients from one lender to another – to help them consolidate debts, complete renovation or reduce their interest rates to help increase their cash flow. In 2021, with record low interest rates (some as low…

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Mortgage refinance application and calculator.

When is it a good time to refinance?

According to Choice Aggregation on average people look to review their home loan rate every 3 years. If you have approached your broker or bank and they aren’t giving you what you want, then is the right time to look at your options. Everyone should keep an eye on what is in the market and…

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First home buyers in front of their new house

Thoughts of a first home buyer

Buying your first home is a huge step – one that a lot of people aren’t sure they’re ready to take, or if it’s even within reach. We spoke to a recent first home buyer for his thoughts on the steps he took to reach this goal. When you really became serious about buying a…

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Picture of a house on one side and a bag of money on the other to achieve balance

Setting a home loan balance goal for the New Year

I’ve been a mortgage broker for nearly 16 years now. Each year, like clock work, we see articles around January about how people should be saving more on their home loan mortgages interest rates. It’s the same over and over again! Don’t get me wrong – this is definitely important – but why do we…

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Budget Friendly Christmas Party Tips

COVID Christmas Savings Part 2: Party Tips

It’s called the silly season for a reason – but how much can you spend on fun this year? We’d say the answer is “whatever’s left after everything else is paid for,” but some may not be so confident in their ability to reign in the spending when it comes to Christmas season partying. So…

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Budget Friendly Christmas Tips

COVID Christmas Savings Tips Part 1: Gifts

What a year it has been, and with Christmas just around the corner it’s a great idea to start thinking about a plan for Christmas. Given the year we’ve had it can seem a daunting experience, and many of us don’t want to let our loved ones down due to the constraints of our budget.…

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