Refinancing/ Debt Consolidation


When it comes to refinancing, it’s all about cash flow!  

At SW Brokerage, we specialise in refinancing and understand the important role reviewing your loan can play when it comes to budgeting and managing your finances.

There are so many financial scenarios when it comes to refinancing your loan, we’ll run through options for you and make you aware of any financial pitfalls that you might be unaware of.

When you are budgeting and working to manage your repayments and everyday expenses, it’s important to look at how you can optimise your cash flow. Increasing your cash flow can allow you to get on top of your budget, set financial goals and reduce financial stress. By refinancing, you can look at adjusting the rate, or structure of your loan to better suit your financial situation and increase your monthly cash flow.

Before refinancing, it’s important to consider the costs involved, including any fees associated with the new loan, as well as any prepayment penalties on the old loan. You should also consider any potential savings from a lower interest rate or ease that a new payment structure might support.

Our brokers can help answer any questions you may have about refinancing and help you determine if refinancing is right for you.


Debt Consolidation

Make debt management simple and easy and free up cash flow with debt consolidation.   

We often see that when someone buys their first home or family home, big purchases such as buying or upgrading a vehicle, starting home renovations, and growing a family, follow.

Debt consolidation is a great way to bundle your debts from car loans or credit cards to create one easy payment and create cash flow. One of our SW Brokerage financial specialists will be able to determine if consolidating your debt is the best option for you, discuss what options are available to you, and discuss the pros and cons of each in the short and long term.

In some cases, if you’ve had a loan for the past 5 years with an initial 30-year term, then decided to refinance and extend your loan for another 30-year term, this could be detrimental in the long run. It’s our job to provide information and guidance to help you make informed choices about how best to manage your finances.

The process is simple:

          1. Start by getting your property valued to determine your loan value ratio (LVR). This will tell you how much money you can borrow.
          2. Work out your budget. It’s important to know how much debt you can reasonably add to your mortgage.
          3. Speak to your SWB broker to get support or clarify concerns you might have.
          4. Apply for a new loan. Your SWB broker can help you apply for a new loan. Once your loan is approved, your debt will now be a part of your mortgage repayments.

If we can manage to create a positive cash flow we’ll then show you some tips on how to pay your loan down quicker or redirect you to one of our financial referral partners to help you look at investing in shares or super…. Cash flow is imperative if you debt consolidate.   

If you think debt consolidation is right for you, speak to one of our experienced brokers today. They will be able to determine if debt consolidation is right for you, help you review your budget, and review your loan.