Medical Lending

Are you a medical practitioner looking to purchase property, refinance or set up a practice? 


Did you know that as a medical practitioner, the standard mortgage eligibility requirements such as minimum deposits or expensive insurance don’t apply?  


If you are any of the following practitioners, you may be eligible: 

      • Dentist  
      • General Practitioner  
      • Nurse  
      • Midwife  
      • Hospital Employee  
      • Medical Specialist 
      • Optometrist  
      • Pharmacist  
      • Veterinary Practitioner  
      • Audiologist  
      • Chiropractor  
      • Occupational Therapist  
      • Osteopath  
      • Physiotherapist  
      • Podiatrist  
      • Psychologist  
      • Radiographer  
      • Sonographer  
      • Speech Pathology  


The mortgage industry recognises that you’ve worked hard and made sacrifices in pursuit of your career, and supports your entry into the property market with the opportunity to save thousands of dollars in mortgage insurance and bank fees.  


Speak to us about how we can support you with: 


Commercial and Business 

      • Purchasing an established practice  
      • Refinancing commercial debts  
      • ATO debts  
      • Equipment and asset financing  
      • Goodwill lending  
      • Medical line of credit  




      • Purchasing your first home 
      • Paying NO LMI
      • Purchasing a residential or commercial property  
      • Setting up an investment property 
      • Refinancing your home loan  
      • Upgrading your home  
      • Renovating your property  


Get in touch with one of our expert brokers today to discuss more how you can save as a medical practitioner.