COVID Christmas Savings Tips Part 1: Gifts

What a year it has been, and with Christmas just around the corner it’s a great idea to start thinking about a plan for Christmas. Given the year we’ve had it can seem a daunting experience, and many of us don’t want to let our loved ones down due to the constraints of our budget.

So the team at SW Brokerage thought we’d share our simple Christmas tips that might help. This week we’ll talk gift giving and potential savings, and next week we’ll share our budget friendly entertaining tips.

Budget Friendly Gift Giving Tips

If you have a large family, look at a Secret Santa option rather than purchasing a single gift for everyone. This way you can save money and time and the quality of gifts will be higher.

Buy bulk wrapping paper and keep it simple. There is no need for individual bows or gift bags. You can purchase lovely wrapping for your presents without it costing you more than the present itself.

Have a plan. Decide what you would like to buy before heading to the shops. It will save you time and money on impulse buys.

Even if you’re not spending a lot of money on presents, it’s a good idea to personalise the gift as best you can. Our favourite suggestions: a coffee or tea mug with a small bag of the person’s favourite tea or coffee; or a hot chocolate mix with marshmallows.

Practical gifts are great (and won’t get shoved in a cupboard and ignored). Now that we have all been in lockdown and practising our culinary skills, a nice cookbook, fancy condiments or quality sauces or cooking oils are a great option for the aspiring cooks among us.

Living gifts are also gorgeous. Consider buying a nice plant or garden voucher from a local nursery, which also supports local businesses.

Look at buying online to avoid the big shopping centres – which can keep you to your list and lower the risk of impulse buys. If you buy more than one item you might even qualify for free shipping – saving you time and money.

If AfterPay is the avenue you’re taking, make sure you have a budget plan and know exactly how you can make the repayments to avoid hefty penalties.

Set a timer on your phone and when the time is up, put your phone down and stop online shopping. It will help you get the job done quickly and avoid over spending (or adding too many “one for me” presents).

Think outside the box! Give an offering of your time to a loved one. Maybe they struggle to get a break from family life, so offer to cook for them once a week, mow the lawn, collect their groceries, do the laundry for a week, wash their car, walk their dog or bring in their washing. I know a lot of people who would love that gift.