Senior Finance Specialist

A Banking and Finance Professional with over 13 years of industry experience delivering an exceptional level of customer service specialising in home and investment lending. Shaun has excellent relationship management skills critical to the growth and acquisition of clients across all roles and departments; Retail Banking, Premium Banking, Private Bank, as well as third-party Mortgage Broker for several years. Shaun genuinely loves helping his clients into their properties or helping people to refinance to adjust to their circumstances. 

“I really enjoy coaching people along the way with tips and habits to help them pay off their loan quicker or identifying other financial opportunities that they might think are applicable to them.”

When Shaun isn’t working he’s spending time with his friends and family, enjoying the beach and travel, as well as watching his beloved Football Codes – Rugby Union, Rugby League, and Aussie Rules where he assists with coaching his son’s team. 

0436 111 172

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