Senior Finance Specialist

Mitch spent a decade in the legal industry working as a lawyer in litigation, regulation and compliance. During his time in that field, Mitch investigated and brought proceedings against health care workers for professional misconduct, advocating for vulnerable clients and ensuring that healthcare workers were practicing safely.

Mitch eventually decided to bring the customer service, attention to detail and problem-solving skills he developed in his legal career over into finance brokering.

“I’m passionate about being a finance broker because I know that what I do can mean the difference between a client getting a raw deal (or no loan at all) and them being able to achieve their dream, whether that means buying their first house, investing for the future or just getting on top of their finances. I think it’s more important than ever for people to be informed about finance and understand their options, so I don’t just look for a loan, I try to teach clients how to set themselves up for success in the future”.

Other than just being a broker, Mitch is a rabid tennis and swimming fan. He was in the stands at Roland Garros when Ash Barty won her first Grand Slam, and he’s been known to wake up at any hour of the morning to watch the Dolphins smash a world record in the pool.

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