Senior Finance Specialist

I have recently brought up 30 years working within the banking and financial services industry and have gained vast lending experience. I have been working as a Mortgage Broker for about 8 years.

During this time, I have worked for major banks, credit unions and am delighted to now be part of the Mortgage Broking team at SW Brokerage.

One of the major benefits that I believe my clients get from using me as their Mortgage Broker, is that unlike someone who works for a bank, I am not restricted in which bank I can recommend to you. This allows me to find solutions in almost 99% of cases!

Whilst gaining a competitive interest rate is very important, it is not much use talking to a bank with the lowest rate if they will not lend you the money for whatever reason.  As my client, you talk to me and then I have the ability to speak to about 30 banks on your behalf – I do the shopping around for you.

My clients are varied. I am a country lad at heart but have been working in Brisbane City since 2011 so I do find it relatively easy to mix with a wide range of people from varying backgrounds. I enjoy helping clients purchase their first home, their first investment property, refinance or consolidate debts to provide some much needed relief to a budget and I have the experience to also assist High New Worth clients who may own 5 investment properties. 

I also have experience in understanding complex business structures that may be across multiple trusts and companies, having previously worked as a Mortgage Broker within a large accounting firm – I understand the way your accountant has recommended your business to be structured and I can explain this to the bank so they lend you the money!

Outside of work, I have a morning routine that involve walking and swimming, can not get enough salt water therapy on the Coast, love an overseas adventure, am heavily involved in the sporting lives of my children, am lucky enough to have 2 grandkids that adore their Poppy, am married to an incredible woman and have a great passion for Rugby League which currently has me involved with the Ipswich Jets.

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Mick Butler is a credit representative (538289) of BLSSA Pty Ltd ACN 117 651 760 (Australian Credit Licence 391237)